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Personalized Fitness in Paoli

Personalized Fitness

Personalized Programming

Personalized Fitness provides an all inclusive approach to revolutionizing personal training! The process begins with a strategy session with your personal coach, where you will identify goals, and priorities, as well as going over some basic nutrition and lifestyle guidelines. Next, you'll complete an InBody body composition scan to gather more information about your health and wellness score, in order to best customize a plan fit for you. Next, you'll spend 1-2 up front personal sessions with your coach completing a physical movement assessment to identify and target any areas of concern in regards to structural weakness, or physical imbalance. Lastly, you will work together with your coach to devise a plan that fits your schedule, and lifestyle, that you can feel great about starting! This plan is sometimes referred to as a "hybrid" of personal training, as it provides almost all of the benefits of working 1:1 with a trainer, but is for the client who does not require having a trainer to watch them complete each session.

This plan includes:

  • All inclusive personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programming and coaching.
  • Unlimited workouts per week
  • Weekly follow ups with your coach
  • Access to TrueCoach Training Software to receive your program, view an extensive video library including thousands of exercises, and log all of your training results
  • Monthly Check In's including further InBody analysis
  • 24/7 Access to Main Line Gym

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